Best Air Fryer With Stainless Steel Basket (Guide and Reviews)

The air fryer is one of the game-changing devices in modern kitchens, bringing a unique cooking method. This cooking appliance cooks by blowing hot air over food, achieving a perfect browning and texture.

best air fryer with stainless steel basket

There are several types of air fryers, one of them being the basket type air fryer. As its name suggests, you use a basket-like apparatus to cook your food.

As a cooking enthusiast, you should have your sights set on the best air fryer with stainless steel basket.

A stainless steel basket ensures a hassle-free cooking experience, where food hardly sticks to its surface, translating to easy washing.

The basket-type air fryer is a great cooker, more so if you want to prepare battered foods, as the coating remains intact.

Looking at the best air fryer with stainless steel components, we bring you a review of the most outstanding to narrow down your search.

A Quick Summary of our Favorites

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Recommended Top 5 Best Air Fryers with Stainless Steel Basket

If you are a culinary art enthusiast, you know that your cooking is as good as the utilities you have in your kitchen.

Are you looking for a cooking appliance that is easy to handle and will bring out the best from your cooking session?

Highlighted below are some of the options you can consider to grace your countertop.

1. COSORI 5.8-Quart Air Fryer

The COSORI 5.8-quart air fryer is the perfect appliance for your kitchen if you love simplicity. It sports a simple design, which is ideal for a minimalist-designed or themed cooking area.


This air fryer is a perfect option if you have a small or medium-sized household. It has a capacity of 5.8-quarts, which is decent enough to cook smaller meal servings, more so side dishes like meat, potatoes, and chicken nuggets.

If your household is small, you will benefit from its extra metal holder. This cooking appliance has a dual-layer rack, which will diversify your cooking as you can cook various meals at once.


The COSORI air fryer has a compact design, which is useful if you want to be economical on space. It has a simple look, which you can say has an edge of futurism. The shiny exterior does a great job in upholding its aesthetic value.


This air fryer is easy to use, and it won’t stress you out, making it suitable for beginners. To operate it, you turn it on from its LCD control panel by touching it. The various cooking modes are visible, the same as the time and temperature function. A user manual will help you if you encounter an issue. Another hint of its convenience is where you can easily clean it.

It is a stainless steel build, and a quick wipe will bring the exterior back to its elegant shiny form. Like the skewers and stainless steel basket, its components are also easy to clean due to their non-stick properties.

The COSORI 5.8-quart air fryer comes with a recipe book with over 100 entries of meals to prepare with an air fryer.

Smart Operation

Another thing to appreciate about this COSORI model is that it is a versatile cooker, courtesy of its Smart Operation. This feature has nine preset cooking functions, like defrosting, fish, bacon, French fries, vegetables, steak, and dessert, among many others. It is akin to having nine cookers in one appliance and makes cooking a relaxed and fun affair as you can prepare different foods.

There is also the preheat function that is essential when using an air fryer. Preheating makes the cooker ready for your meal to ensure a well-prepared outcome. This function will take 2-3 minutes then you can introduce your food.


Safety is vital in the kitchen as a slight hitch can have serious consequences. This COSORI air fryer is one of the safest cookers that you can get, with various features upholding this aspect. They include the alarm, which will go off to alert you of when to shake your food or if it is ready.

There is the Auto Shut Off function, which turns the cooker off when you remove the basket. The air fryer also has an Overheat protection function and is BPA free.

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Highlighted Key Features

  • A 5.8-quart capacity.
  • Smart Operation having nine cooking functions.
  • Easy to use LCD control panel.
  • Sturdy stainless steel build.
  • Safety features like the alarm and Auto Shut Off function.
  • Nine cooking modes for meals like seafood, vegetables, French fries, and many others.
  • Available accessories: skewer rack, five skewers, user manual, and a recipe book.
  • Assured safety.
  • Effortless operation and maintenance.
  • Comes with plenty of accessories like a skewer rack and five skewers.
  • Economical on space.
  • Nine cooking modes.
  • Dishwasher safe accessories.
  • An aesthetically sound design.
  • Occasional fan speed fluctuations.
  • Food may have an odd taste during the first days of using this air fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does this air fryer weigh?

Answer: This air fryer weighs 9.98 pounds.

Question: Can I put the basket in the dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, you can put the basket, the skewer rack, and skewers into the dishwasher when you want to clean them.

2. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Air Fryer

In your search for an air fryer with stainless steel basket, ensure to pay attention to the oven’s capacity. Capacity is a crucial point of focus, especially if you want to prepare large meal servings or in the case of a large household.

Cuisinart TOA-60 convection air fryer is an outstanding model when looking at capacity, with a 17-liter value.


One of the Cuisinart TOA-60 convection air fryer’s major selling points is its capacity, which at 17-liters is on the higher side compared to most air fryers.

With such a large volume, you can prepare large meals like chicken and pizza. There is also ample room for maintenance, mainly when cleaning it.


This cooker’s design is almost similar to the traditional oven with a horizontal falling door. The design looks unique, enhanced with a metallic body. It has a compact design, which despite being big compared to the standard air fryer, won’t take much space in your kitchen.


The Cuisinart air fryer model sports an all-steel build, which makes it strong and durable. The sturdy frame is a stainless steel build, which means it will serve you for a long time.

Multiple Cooking Functions

This air fryer is very versatile when you look at the many cooking functions it can perform. It has seven cooking modes: air frying, convection baking, broiling, warming, and toasting, etc. You can use this cooker in various cooking practices, and it saves you the need to get different appliances.

Coupled with its capacity, you can enjoy this convectional cooker’s diversity, where you can warm your cold pizza, broil chicken, or even toast up to six slices of bread.


The cooker is easy to use, relying on the traditional knob design controls. With the user manual on your side, you will grasp its operation in a short time as you work your way to be a pro with this multi-use air fryer. The stainless steel exterior and expansive interior make cleaning less challenging.

Focusing on its user-friendliness, you have to look at the safety feature, which is crucial in the kitchen. Its handle has sufficient insulation to prevent accidental burns when using it. There is also the 60-minute timer and Auto Shut Off mode on its adjustable thermostat, which prevents food from burning.

This air fryer has interior lighting and a transparent cover that allows you to see what is cooking. Its basket will enable you to cook larger meals and battered food, with minimal chances of spills.

Heat Distribution

A problem with most air fryers is uneven heat distribution as they have a single heating element. The result is food with improper doneness. With the Cuisinart TOA-60 convection air fryer, you bid goodbye to such occurrences courtesy of its four cooking elements.

Coupled with a powerful fan, there is even heat distribution, ensuring you have healthy and tasty results.

Available Accessories

This Cuisinart air fryer comes with some add-ons to enhance and diversify your cooking. Some of the accessories are a baking pan, oven rack, and air fryer basket. They will help you in baking, toasting, and air frying, respectively, among many more uses.

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Highlighted Key Features

  • 17-liter capacity.
  • A unique design.
  • Four heating elements for even heat distribution.
  • Available accessories: baking pan, air fryer basket, oven rack.
  • 60-minute timer and Auto Shut Off function uphold safety.
  • A robust stainless steel build.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Seven cooking functions.
  • A sizeable 17-liter volume.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Seven cooking modes, including toasting, warming, and broiling.
  • Comes with extra accessories like the baking pan.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • An insulated handle for safety.
  • It has a high electricity consumption value of 1800 watts.
  • At 19-pounds and a large frame, this air fryer may be quite bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use this air fryer to prepare pizza?

Answer: You can prepare a medium-sized pizza of around 12-inches in this air fryer.

Question: What is this air fryer’s wattage?

Answer: Cuisinart TOA-60 convection air fryer has a wattage of 1800, which is quite on the higher side than most air fryers.

3. Innsky 5.8-Qt Stainless Steel Air Fryer

The Innsky 5.8-QT stainless steel air fryer nails it in the looks department, having a simple yet sophisticated touch.

It is a perfect addition to a dull kitchen, where it will radiate the place with its exceptional looks.

This air fryer will make an excellent gift to a loved one who loves cooking based on its aesthetic factor.

The Air Fryer’s Volume

This air fryer is relatively small in volume, an ideal kitchen addition for a little to a medium household.

At 5.8-quarts, it lies on the average side in terms of capacity. This volume translates to its exterior build, which is similarly moderate and won’t take much of your counter’s space.

The small build makes it easy to clean and handle. Its stainless steel basket has a square design, providing a larger cooking capacity to accommodate a 5 to 6-pound chicken.


As earlier mentioned, this cooker has a small design, something that makes it economical on space.

A standout thing about this appliance’s design is its unique looks, making it a great add-on to your space if you want to boost its aesthetic factor.

The stainless steel finish is easy to clean, bringing on a shiny silvery appearance.

Still, on its stainless steel build, you benefit from its durability and it minimizes food odors during cooking.


The Innsky 5.8-QT stainless steel air fryer is a user-friendly implement, evident from its many features. Top among the elements

is the 360-degree circulating hot air, which makes it a faster cooker, preparing meals up to four times faster than typical ovens.

Like many air fryers, you do not have to use oil when cooking, making it an excellent companion if you want healthy meals. Despite not requiring oil, the meals are tasty and have a nice texture, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside.

The cooker is easy to use, courtesy of the digital one-touch screen panel. The display of the menu items is clear and with the help of a manual, using this air fryer is easy. Cleaning is effortless, with the basket and other accessories being dishwasher-friendly.

The stainless steel basket is gentle on battered foods, ensuring the coating is intact with no spills.

Multiple Functions

This Innsky air fryer has seven preset cooking functions, which you can appreciate if you love to get experimental while preparing food. Steak, seafood, bread, chicken, vegetables, and French fries are some of the available preparation functions.

You can take advantage of these modes to diversify your cooking.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Stylish looks.
  • A 5.8-Qt volume.
  • Seven preset cooking functions.
  • Accessories like the basket are dishwasher friendly.
  • 360-degree circulating hot air.
  • Digital one-touch screen panel.
  • A durable stainless steel body.
  • Comes with a recipe book with 32 recipes.
  • It has a stylish appearance.
  • Plenty of cooking functions.
  • Easy to use
  • Durable.
  • Economical on space.
  • The provided cookbook can expand your cooking experience.
  • Oil-less cooking.
  • Produces beeping sounds when you press the buttons, which can be irritating.
  • It may emit plastic burning odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is this air fryer’s temperature range?

Answer: This air fryer has a temperature range of 180 to 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

Question: How much electricity does this air fryer model consume?

Answer: The Innsky 5.8-QT stainless steel air fryer consumes 1700watts, quite on the higher side.

4. Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer

Some air fryers are noisy when in operation due to the high-speed motor’s action in circulating hot air in the cooking chamber.

The noise can be a nuisance to many, who prefer a quiet environment when preparing food.

The Cuisinart AFR-25 air fryer has a quiet operation, producing minimal noise.


The Cuisinart AFR-25 air fryer has an impressive capacity that can hold up to 2.5-pounds of food.

This is enough to serve a medium family. When you look at the weigh support capability, you get the hint that you can use it to prepare whole chicken or medium-sized pizza.


This air fryer has a simple design, similar to that of traditional ovens. While it has a large interior capacity, it has a relatively small body, which won’t take much of your counter space. The stainless steel finish gives it unique looks and makes cleaning a simple affair.


One of the standout things with this air fryer is its mode of operation. Unlike most air fryers, the Cuisinart AFR-25 is relatively quiet, meaning it won’t cause much disturbance.

It sports a specially engineered fan and heater, which delivers uniform heat and airflow to ensure your meals’ even doneness. It has an adjustable time setting of 0-60 minutes and a temperature range of 450-degrees Fahrenheit.


The Cuisinart AFR-25 is user-friendly, and even beginners will have an easy time learning to use it. It relies on the analog control module, where it sports two knobs, which you use to adjust time and temperature.

The window on its door allows you to check on your food as it cooks. The stainless steel and nonstick interior and components like the basket are easy to clean, though due to their large size, they cannot fit into the dishwasher.

Among its accessories include a drip pan and air frying basket. There is a user manual to guide you on its use, and it comes with various recipes that you can try.

Healthy Meal Preparation

A benefit to take advantage of from this air fryer is its oil-less cooking nature. It cooks your food by blowing hot air over it, which gives it an excellent browning and crunchy texture. You can use it to prepare several dishes, like steak, chicken, French fries, toast, and pizza.

Highlighted Key Features

  • A large cooking capacity, which can accommodate 2.5-pounds of food.
  • It has a stylish design that can improve your kitchen décor.
  • A transparent door.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • A quiet operation.
  • Delivers uniform heat and airflow.
  • A compact body.
  • Trouble-free use and maintenance.
  • The transparent door allows you to check the progress of your meals.
  • Delivery of uniform heat and airflow ensures the food cooks evenly.
  • Economical on space.
  • A durable stainless steel construction.
  • It can prepare several meals such as steak, chicken, and toast.
  • A large cooking capacity.
  • The interior is relatively small, making the removal of food challenging.
  • Occasionally, the door may be hard to close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I cook a 12-inch pizza in this air fryer?

Answer: A 12-inch pizza is too big to fit into the air fryer, maybe the small variety or slices.

Question: Why does my food come out undercooked?

Answer: The main reasons for food coming out undercooked are the incorrect setting of temperature and time or putting too much food into the cooker.

5. Chefman 6.3-Quart Digital Air Fryer

The Chefman 6.3-quart digital air fryer is the definition of a versatile cooker, featuring multiple cooking functions.

It can accomplish several cooking tasks like air frying, baking, and dehydration.

Air Fryer Volume

This cooking implement has a volume of 6.3-quarts, which is the average capacity for most air fryers.

It is large enough to cater to a medium-sized household, and you can use it to prepare larger meals like a 2-5 pound chicken.

It has two airflow racks, which maximize the little interior space, and you can cook separate meals simultaneously.


The Chefman 6.3-quart digital air fryer is a stylish addition to your kitchen, and it will improve its outlook with a shiny aspect. Its small construction makes it easy to handle when cleaning it, and it does not take much space in your cooking area.

Multiple Cooking Functions

This air is very flexible when you look at its eight cooking modes, giving you the picture of having eight cookers in one appliance. You can use it for dehydration, rotisserie, baking, and cooking meat dishes like steak, chicken, and shrimp.

Easy To Use

The Chefman digital air fryer is easy to use, supported by features like its digital touch screen, where you can set the timer, temperature control, and cooking mode. If you encounter any issues when using it, you can refer to its user manual for assistance.

The plastic that features on its exterior makes cleaning a hassle-free affair, and it also acts as an insulator. Focusing on cleaning, most of its components are dishwasher-friendly.

Still, on ease of use, you will appreciate the interior lighting and transparent glass door, which allow you to check on your meals as they get ready.

Available Accessories

This air fryer comes with several accessories that will enhance your cooking experience. Two airflow racks, a rotating basket, rotisserie spit and forks, and a drip tray are the add-ons you will find on this appliance’s package. All of them are dishwasher-safe, meaning cleaning them will not stress you.

Rapid Air Technology

This Chefman cooker relies on Rapid Air Technology to ensure you have the tastiest meals. Paired with the high-speed convection system, you get evenly cooked food, which has a crunchy covering and is juicy on the inside.

The food is also healthy if you stick to air frying rules of not using oil for cooking food. The stainless steel basket allows you to cook battered food, ensuring perfect results without crumbles.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Eight cooking functions.
  • A 6.3-quart capacity.
  • Available accessories: a rotating basket, rotisserie spit and forks, airflow racks, and a drip tray.
  • Digital touch screen.
  • Interior lighting and transparent glass door allow you to check on your meals.
  • Rapid air technology and the high-speed convection system ensure you have evenly cooked meals.
  • Stylish looks and compact size.
  • It is versatile, courtesy of its eight cooking functions.
  • A decent volume.
  • Easy to use.
  • The air fryer comes with convenient accessories.
  • Occupies minimal space.
  • Excellent looks, which can enhance your interior décor.
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories.
  • Food on the lower rack may not cook as well as that on the upper rack.
  • The door may occasionally pop open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can this air fryer cook a whole chicken?

Answer: This air fryer has a 6.3-quart capacity, meaning it can accommodate a 2-5-pound chicken.

Question: What is this air fryer’s voltage?

Answer: The Chefman 6.3-quart digital air fryer has a voltage of 120V.

Buying Guide: What Should I Look For When Buying an Air Fryer?

Getting the best air fryer can be quite challenging, particularly if you are a new user. There are several factors to look at to get the best, to add to your preference. The following are some of the factors to focus on when shopping for an air fryer with stainless steel basket.


The air fryer’s capacity is an essential factor to pay attention to when looking for an ideal one. Your household’s size and the food you want to prepare are some of the determining factors to lead you to the right cooker. If you have a large family and want to prepare large meal servings, a bigger air fryer is the best, with a volume of 8-quarts and above. If you have a small household, you can go for the smaller ones, with a volume of around 6.3-quarts.

Additional Features

The air fryer may come with additional features, which show off it’s technological backing. The features, such as an alarm, high air velocity, and a touch screen control panel, make this implement efficient in performing its duties.

Temperature Control

This cooking utility relies on high temperatures to prepare meals. It means the higher its temperature range, the more effective it is in cooking and will ensure you have well-done meals. A perfect air fryer should have a maximum temperature range in the 400-degrees Fahrenheit neighborhood. Such a range will boost its versatility in preparing various foodstuffs, especially meats, and in the dehydration function.


Wattage refers to the power of the air fryer. It gives you a hint of its performance and electrical consumption. Standard air fryers have a value between 1200 and 1500-watts, which perform optimally. The best performing air fryers have a higher wattage value of around 1800 to 2000 watts, though they may consume more electricity.

Power Consumption

You should be keen on the air fryer’s power consumption, primarily if you want to save on electricity bills. Air fryers with a high wattage consume more power than those with a lower value. The problem is that appliances with lower power consumption are not so efficient when it comes to cooking, and they may take a lot of time.

If you want to keep your electricity bills manageable, you may go for those with an optimum wattage of 1200-1500-watts. They perform well in the kitchen and will have a manageable bill.

Noise and Smoke Levels

A downside with air fryers, more so the older models, is the high smoke and noise production levels. The noise and smoke can be a nuisance and will make the cooking space unbearable. Look for models with zero to low smoke and noise production for a peaceful time in your kitchen.


Air fryers are among the safest cooking appliances, and their oil-less cooking nature upholds this attribute. Look out for more safety features on this implement when getting one for a smooth operating experience. Pay attention to the insulation and features like an alarm or the Auto Shut Off function, which prevents food from burning and overheating.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is a significant part of maintenance, and you should perform it regularly for your air fryer to be in the best shape. When looking at ease of cleaning, you focus on the air fryer’s exterior, with materials like stainless steel being easy to clean. You should also look at how dishwasher-friendly the components are. Bigger cookers are effortless to clean as you have wider access.


1. What is the basket in an air fryer?

Answer: The basket is a vital component in basket-type air fryers, where it acts as a reservoir for the food you want to prepare. It is ideal for large foods like chicken and battered foods as it helps preserve their coating.

2. Can I use an air fryer without a basket?

Answer: Yes, you can use the air fryer without a basket, depending on what you are preparing. Options to the basket include a rotisserie spit or a baking pan. Ensure the choice you are going for is compatible with your cooker to prevent blockage of the air vents due to an uneven size.

3. How do I prevent food from sticking to my air fryer basket?

Answer: Food sticking to the air fryer basket is a common yet frustrating occurrence as it makes washing hard. An excellent way to deal with this issue is to grease the basket or spray some oil. You can apply a light coat of oil to your food before putting it in the basket.

4. How do you put a basket in an air fryer?

Putting a basket into the air fryer is a simple process, where you first load it with food then insert it into the cooking chamber. However, putting the basket in the cooker depends on the cooker’s configuration, as some are accessible from the top while others from the side.

5. How do you get dried grease out of an air fryer basket?

Answer: Dried grease in an air fryer basket is common, and some soap and water can help deal with it. If it looks caked, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar with some gentle scrubbing to have a clean surface.


The air fryer is an excellent addition to your kitchen that you can use to prepare healthy meals. The basket-type air fryer uses a basket to contain your food when introducing it into the cooking chamber. This type of air fryer is suitable for cooking battered foods as it reduces spillage.

Highlighted in this article are some of the best air fryers with a stainless steel basket, which are easy to clean. Look for the best and revolutionize your cooking sessions.

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