Best Microwave Under $100 (Top 6 Picks & Reviews)

One of the most innovative inventions that decorate our kitchens is the microwave oven. It is a simple implementation that you use to heat food and works through the principle of electromagnetic radiation.

microwave under 100 dollers

It presents an efficient way of preparing meals, where you click some buttons and wait for the food to warm up.

Price is one of the factors to look at when getting a new microwave, as you need to work with your budget.

This article looks at the best microwave under $100, also touching on other features such as efficiency, user-friendliness, and durability, among many more.

Stick on as we provide you with the ultimate shopping guide, which narrows down your search for the best kitchen equipment.

A Quick Look at Our Favorite Models

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Recommended 6 Best Microwaves Under $100

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave

Talk about style and efficiency, and you have a perfect description of the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS microwave.

Its excellent look makes it an ideal addition to your room or kitchen space to bring the essence of beauty.

Its shiny stainless steel structure will attract attention, especially if polished


This microwave has small dimensions of 20.5*17.1*12.8 inches, meaning it won’t take much of your kitchen space.

Internally, it measures 13.1*15*9.5 inches, which is enough to accommodate large meal servings.


You get a touch of its efficiency through its operation mode, where it has a pre-programmed sensor for foods such as pizza, potatoes, and veggies.

It has a dedicated button for popcorn making as well as two defrost settings for the perfect thawing action.


The bright digital display is easy to read when you are operating the microwave. The stainless steel surface also makes it user-friendly, mainly when cleaning it.

Highlighted Key Features

  • It has a smart sensor with six auto menus.
  • The energy-saving eco mode.
  • 1100 watts with ten power levels.
  • Two defrost settings.
  • Easy to read control panel.
  • The microwave is easy to clean.
  • It has small dimensions meaning it is economical on space.
  • Its various operation modes make it very efficient.
  • It has a power-saving eco mode.
  • The child lock upholds safety.
  • The microwave is easy to use.
  • The stainless steel interior improves its aesthetic value.
  • You can mute the buzzer if you don’t like the sound.
  • You may spot condensation between the two glass panes.
  • You may notice noises if it wears due to extensive use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the internal dimension of this microwave?

Answer: The microwave has an internal dimension of 13.1*15*9.5 inches.

Question: Does the microwave have a mute function?

Answer: Yes, the microwave has a mute function if you do not want the keypad or beeping sound which comes on to indicate your meal is ready.

2. Black+Decker Digital Microwave Oven

Standout looks and a compact size are the two adjectives that describe the Black+Decker digital microwave oven.

It has a simple structure that makes it a worthy addition to a minimalistic designed kitchen.

Its compact body is quite convenient if you move around a lot.


Its compactness is one of the features you will immediately notice, with dimensions of 20.2*15.6*12.1 inches.

Internally, it is way spacious at a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet and a shipping weight of 34.8 pounds, meaning you can easily carry it.


The microwave is also easy to use, with a large LED digital display that you can effortlessly read.

There is also a safety lock that prevents children from opening it and prevents accidents from happening.

The digital microwave has ten power settings, a clock, and a kitchen timer.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Small dimensions of 20.2*15.6*12.1 inches.
  • Ten power levels of up to 1000 watts.
  • Spacious interior.
  • It has a child safety lock.
  • Large LED digital display.
  • The express cook function.
  • It has excellent looks courtesy of its design.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The microwave has a safety lock to prevent accidents.
  • It has pre-programmed buttons for foods such as pizza and potatoes.
  • The small dimensions make it economical when it comes to space.
  • Its technology guarantees even heating and prevent overcooking.
  • It has a clock function and a timer.
  • The various settings help you achieve the ideal precision when cooking.
  • It is quite loud during use.
  • It may get so hot after using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it have the child safety function, and how does it work?

Answer: Yes, it has the child safety function, and the manual will guide you on its use.

Question: What is the capacity of this microwave?

Answer: The microwave has a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet.

3. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave

The Toshiba EM925A5A-SS also fits under this budget, giving you the best when it comes to functionality.

Despite its low price, it is an excellent addition to any cooking area for both domestic and commercial uses.


The Toshiba EM925A5A is quite small when looking at its dimensions, meaning it does not take much of your counter space.

It has external measurements of 19.2*15.9*11.5 inches.

Internally, it has dimensions of 12. 36*13. 66*8. 7 inches, which is quite decent for cooking large meals.


The one-touch start button shows off how this Toshiba model is effective, and you can start the microwave from 1-6 minutes in full power cooking.

It also has pre-programmed settings for food preparation such as pizza, popcorn, and many more.

The oven has a 900-watt rating with ten power settings and comes with a clock and a timer.

The bright digital display makes it easy to read when using the microwave.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Bright digital display.
  • 900 watts with ten power settings
  • Pre-programmed menu for popular foods such as pizza and potatoes.
  • One-touch start quick access function.
  • A buzzer muting function.
  • Features such as the easily readable bright digital display make the microwave easy to use.
  • It has a power-saving eco mode for energy conservation.
  • Its child lock curbs emergencies in the kitchen.
  • You can switch off the buzzer if you do not want the sounds.
  • It has a compact design, with a decent interior capacity.
  • The microwave has various function modes such as easy defrost that make it very efficient.
  • An easy to grip door handle for hassle-free user experience.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The interior light bulb can go out after lengthy use.
  • It may make strange noises at times when using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is this microwave’s turntable diameter?

Answer:  The turntable diameter is 10.6 inches, which can comfortably accommodate medium to large platters.

Question: How many preset menu modes does this microwave have?

Answer: The microwave has six pre-programmed menu modes for preparing different meals such as pizza, popcorn, potatoes, beverages, frozen vegetables, and dinner plates.

4. Amazonbasics Microwave

One of the essential factors to consider when getting a microwave is space.

Here you look at the microwave dimensions to see if it can fit into the allocated areas.

The dimensions also come to play when you want to move around with it as it is easily portable.

The Amazonbasics microwave is ideal kitchen equipment when focusing on compact sizes.


The dimensions of this microwave are what make it an ideal kitchen utility as it takes less space.

It measures 17.3*10.1*14.1 inches with internal figures of 10 7/8*6 7/8*10 inches, making it roomier on the inside.


The functionality aspect of the Amazonbasics microwave showcases how efficient it is as kitchen equipment.

It is compatible with Alexa, a virtual assistant helper. The Amazon Dash Replenishment technology will automatically reorder popcorn if you go low on your stock and save you 10% on orders.

Additional Features-

The microwave also has a safety child lock, which prevents accidents from happening and ten power levels, where you can choose your most preferred level.

The turntable allows you to cook different kinds of foods, giving it an edge of versatility.

Setting up is also easy, and the manual will guide you on the steps to connect it to the internet using the Alexa application.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Compatibility with Alexa.
  • The Amazon Dash Replenishment technology allows you to order popcorn automatically.
  • The safety child lock.
  • The turntable for cooking various foods.
  • Ten power levels.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Compatibility to Alexa makes use of the microwave a straightforward affair.
  • Its small dimensions are economical on space.
  • It has various meal preparation settings to prepare popcorns, pizza, and to defrost vegetables, among many more.
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment technology compatibility can order you popcorns when you run out of stock.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is a simple affair.
  • It has ten power levels.
  • The child lock upholds safety in the kitchen.
  • It has a low wattage of 700 watts.
  • It may be hard to set up for someone with minimal tech know-how, especially when it comes to linking with Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the wattage of this microwave?

Answer: The microwave has a value of 700 watts with ten power levels.

Question: Can I connect the microwave to my mobile phone?

Answer: Yes, you can connect the microwave to your phone courtesy of the Alexa app, which makes operating it a straightforward process.

5. Black+Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave

A small microwave is very convenient, especially for places like the office or hostels.

It is easy to clean and maintain generally and does not consume much space wherever you place it.

The Black+Decker EM720CB7 digital microwave has a compact frame with a stainless steel surface, which looks fantastic.


Focusing on its compact attribute, this microwave has dimensions of 17.3*13*10.2 inches, which gives you a hint of how small it is.

The interior, however, is quite spacious, with a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. This volume is enough for warming large meal servings such as pizza.


The Black+decker digital microwave has pre-programmed buttons to initiate preparation functions such as preparing potatoes, pizza, and popcorn. There is also a preset function for defrosting vegetables.

Its large digital LED display makes it easy to read the control panel when tweaking settings to achieve your desired cook.


The user-friendliness of this microwave is evident from its push-button release door for easy access.

It also upholds security in the kitchen courtesy of the safety child lock feature. The microwave has an interior light and a removable 10-inch glass turntable.

It has wattage of 700 watts and ten power levels and a 30-second express cooking feature.

Here you pick the most desirable mode when getting your meals ready.

Other features include a clock and a timer.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Compact frame.
  • Push-button release door.
  • Safety child lock.
  • Large LED digital display.
  • Pre-programmed buttons.
  • It has stylish looks that can improve your kitchen’s beauty.
  • It has a clock and timer that alerts you when your meal is ready.
  • Ten power levels where you pick the most desirable level.
  • The child lock feature upholds security.
  • It is easy to clean due to its stainless steel frame.
  • The interior light allows you to see the progress of your meals getting ready.
  • The large LED digital display makes it easy to read the control panel.
  • It is economical on space.
  • It has a low wattage value of 700 watts.
  • It may present problems heating up if there is an issue with the electrical connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the internal dimensions of this microwave?

Answer: The microwave has internal measurements of 12.05*11.97*8.11 inches.

Question: How does this microwave’s clockwork?

Answer: The microwave’s clock displays the countdown timer and the remaining cooking time. You can learn more about the clock and how to set it from the user manual.

6. COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave

Stylishness is one of the factors you may look at when getting a microwave oven.

The excellent looks help improve the environment adding a touch of elegance.

The Comfee EM720CPL-PMB countertop takes a top spot when it comes to looks.

Topped up with its compact design, it is a suitable addition to your room or your office.


As earlier hinted, the microwave is compact and comes in dimensions of 17.3*13*10.2 inches.

It’s internal measurements are 12.05*11.97*8.11 inches, a decent capacity that can accommodate various meals. Inside is a removable glass turntable of 10-inches.

The small size of the microwave means it does not consume much space on your counter.


The Comfee EM720CPL-PMB countertop has Easy auto-cook functions where you can cook everyday meals such as potatoes, pizza, and beverages.

The one-touch express cooking function has two defrost settings, either by weight or time.

The eco mode saves energy by up to 50% when the power is on standby.


You can have a touch of the user-friendliness of this microwave from its bright digital display and easy to read control panel. It also features interior lighting.

The mute function allows you to turn off the buzzer sounds. Additional features are the clock and kitchen timer.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Compact design.
  • Easy auto-cook functions.
  • Two defrost settings.
  • Eco mode for energy saving.
  • Safety child lock feature.
  • Bright digital display.
  • Mute function.
  • Its compact design makes it consume less space.
  • It has various features, such as defrost settings, which make it convenient to use.
  • The child lock feature upholds safety in the cooking area.
  • The eco mode conserves energy.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • You can use it to prepare several meals such as pizza, popcorns, and beverages.
  • The bright digital display makes it easy to run.
  • The mute function comes in handy when you do not want noises.
  • It has a low wattage value of 700 watts.
  • It has no release button; hence opening its door can be tedious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the capacity of this microwave?

Answer: This microwave has a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

Question: How does the mute function work?

Answer: The mute function turns off the control panel’s sounds and the beeper, which goes off when your meal is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose a microwave oven?

When choosing a microwave oven, there are several factors you need to look at to get the right item. Price is one of them, where your budget needs to guide you to the right item.

The $100 price range introduces you to several models that you can afford if you have a small financial allocation.

Other factors to look at include the capacity, model, warranty, and user-friendliness, among many others.

2. What Is A Convection Microwave Oven?

The convection microwave oven banks on the principle of convection. Here it uses warm air currents circulating in the microwave to heat your food. The convention microwaves feature a heating element and the convector, acting as a fan to circulate the warmth.

As a result of the circulation, the temperatures can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius. When it reaches the preferred heat levels, the fan turns off and turns on again if the heat decreases.

New age microwaves may sport several convectors to make the healing process more effective.  The convection principle that the microwave uses makes them versatile as they can prepare various foods such as popcorns, meat dishes, pastries, and many more.

Among the perks of convection microwave are as follows.

  • An even thawing process of frozen foods.
  • Decreased preparation time.
  • For pastries, there is an even crust formation and browning.
  • Makes it easier to prepare roasted meats such as beef and fish.

3. What Kind of Metal Can You Put in a Microwave?

Metals and microwave is a very contentious topic where you look at the safety aspect. Heating metals can bring along fire hazards, which can cause accidents.  It is advisable to use heavy-duty plastic or glass when it comes to microwaving meals.

However, if you want to use metal, aluminum is one of the recommended materials with minimal risks of hazards. Aluminum foil is extensively used in microwaving food, though you need to be aware of the sharpened edges as it can catch fire due to statics.

When you want to use any metal for microwaving, read instructions on the microwave manual to be sure if you can use it. If you are not sure if the item is microwavable, do not take any chances as it can result in a hazard.

4. What is the Best Wattage for a Microwave?

A microwave’s wattage is another factor to look at when acquiring one. The average wattage is from 600 to 1200 watts, with 600 being on the lower side. With a 600 watt microwave, cooking may take time, and the precision may not be even, especially with foods such as pastries.

Advanced models have watts of around 1000, with some having power levels that you tweak according to your preference. In short, when getting a microwave, go for the one with wattages of 1000-1200 for efficiency.

5. What Kind of Microwave Should I Buy?

When looking for a suitable microwave to punctuate your cooking area, you need to know about the different types. Knowing the kinds of microwave allows you to pick the best one depending on functionality.

Based On Functionality

There are three types of microwaves when you focus on functionality; solo, grilling, and convection microwaves.

  • Solo Microwave

The solo microwave is the most common in the market and performs primary duties such as heating and defrosting. You can get them in various settings, both domestic and commercial, and you can notice them by their basic design and lack of standout features.

It also has low wattages, ranging from 500 to 1500, meaning it is not that precise when cooking. The large capacity solo microwaves can allow you to prepare larger meals.

  • Grilling Microwave

The grilling microwaves might interest you if you love grilled foods. It prepares meat dishes such as beef and chicken, entirely giving it a smooth aftertaste. This microwave type also performs the essential functions that a solo microwave achieves in addition to its grilling properties.

They are not that common in the market as dedicated microwaves since there are multipurpose ones that combine the properties of convection, grilling, and solo varieties.

  • Convection Microwave

The convection microwave, as earlier hinted, operates on the principle of circulating warm air currents. It has the features of the solo and the grilling microwave, and you can also use it for baking, with an assurance of precision in the meals prepared.

This variety comes with various operation modes, and you can use it to prepare popcorns, pizza, roast meat, frosted vegetables, and many more.

Types According To Location

There is also the classification of microwaves according to their placement in the kitchen or designated cooking area. A standard microwave under this classification is the countertop one, which you can place on top of many surfaces such as the table, the kitchen counter, the fridge, and cupboard, among many more.

The countertop microwave is very stable, easy to clean, and easily accessible. The main point of concern with this type is that it can easily topple over if not secured properly.

There is also the suspended microwave, which as its name hints, is hangover a surface such as your cupboard. It is also easily accessible and an excellent addition if you want to improve your space’s aesthetic value.

The problem with suspended microwaves is the practicability in certain situations.

There is also the inbuilt microwave, which is set inside a cabinet. It can add to the beauty of your kitchen if you find a suitable design. Installation may be the tricky part.

Looking at the different microwaves, you can narrow down your choice to your preference, depending on the above factors.

6. How Long Do Microwaves Last?

With proper use, a microwave can serve you up to ten years. The average life of most is around six years, especially those in the commercial setting.

However, microwave technology is evolving fast, and you may want to keep up with the new entrants; hence, you can replace your kitchen utility earlier before it wears off.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Microwave Under $100

The following are some factors to keep in mind if you really want the best microwave machine for your kitchen.

Types of Microwave: The first factor you can keep in mind before getting a new microwave is the type. There are several types, as earlier mentioned depending on either their functionality or situation in the kitchen. The former is the most common classification, where you have the solo, the grilling, and the convection microwaves.

Under the latter category, there is the suspended, the countertop, and in-built varieties, among many more. When picking one among the large variety of microwaves, you need to look at the function you want to achieve, such as grilling. You also look at your space when looking at how to place it.

Capacity: When talking about the capacity, you look at the dimensions of the microwave. These cooking implements come in various capacities, and when picking one, you look at your available space and the size of the food you want to cook.

Small volume microwaves are easy to handle, and you can easily move from one place to another with them. The larger ones come in handy when you want to prepare larger meal servings.

Features: You need to look at the available features before picking an oven. New age microwaves come with many features that improve their efficiency during meal preparation. Some of the features include a timer, a clock, pre-programmed settings for uses such as popcorn making or defrosting, and many more.

Others have Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with Alexa. With such advanced kitchen equipment, you have the guarantee of a fulfilling session when preparing meals.

Auto Cook Menu: Still looking at the features, you need to look at the auto-cook menu, where there are options for cooking foods such as pizza, potatoes, and frosted foods, among others. With the auto cook menu, you have a hassle-free experience when getting your meals ready as it is as easy as clicking a button.

Technology: As earlier mentioned, microwave technology is evolving at a fast rate to make them more user-friendly. The new entrants are easy to use and maintain, requiring no technological know-how for you to operate them.

Child Lock: The child lock feature is very critical, especially if you want to prevent accidents from happening. You need to ensure that the microwave has a safety child lock feature, especially if you have children in your household.

Electrical and fire hazards are some of the dangers you can keep at bay with this feature.

Wattage: Microwaves come in various wattages, which reflect on how good they are when it comes to meal preparation. Lower watt values of about 500 to 800 are on the lower side, and the cooking won’t be as perfect as those with higher watts of like 1000 to 1200.

Many new microwaves come with power levels, which you can set depending on how you want your meal to cook.

PricePrice is one of the top considerations when getting a microwave. This article looks at all the microwaves under $100, looking at the price factor when out for this food preparation equipment. You need to work with your budget, which acts as the first filter when you go shopping for a microwave.

The least price you may get for decent equipment is around $45, probably the solo variety. Online reviews may help you know where to get affordable ones.

You may want to go for second-hand models as they are cheaper, with some having excellent features. The downside, however, to used implements is that they may be faulty, and you may not realize it during purchase. The lack of warranties also makes them the least option to consider.

Warranty: Electrical utilities are prone to damages. In such cases, the warranty comes to your aid to shield you from losses resulting from the faults. When getting the new addition to your kitchen, look for credible retailers, who have friendly terms of warranty and may offer replacements, repairs or refunds, should the equipment develop faults.


A microwave is a piece of valuable equipment in the kitchen that you use to heat food and prepare ready-to-eat meals such as baked beans and frosted vegetables. This article looks at the best-rated microwave under 100 dollars that you can land your hands on.

Aside from the price, it also looks at other features such as size, user-friendliness, and efficiency. The buying guide comes to your aid to give you more factors to consider when looking for a microwave for you to get the right utility.

Let the review guide you to get the right microwave that will not only decorate your kitchen but also prove useful.

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