What is Difference Between Solo and Convection Microwave?

If you are in the market for a microwave, it would be best to educate yourself on the differences between a solo microwave and a convection microwave.

The solo and convection microwaves are the most popular types of microwaves amongst customers. Some might benefit from a convection microwave, and others might find a solo microwave more useful.

Let us talk more in-depth and give you a basic understanding of solo and convection microwave.

We will start by going over the differences and then get into a detailed overview of each microwave. By the end of this article, you will have a better judgment on which microwave to go for based on your needs.

Difference Between Solo and Convection Microwave

The most common question asked by individuals looking to purchase a new microwave is the difference between convection and a solo microwave?

To put it simply, a solo microwave can only reheat, defrost, or cook your food. Whereas, with a convection oven, you can toast, bake, and do anything a regular oven can do for you.

A convection microwave is for individuals who are interested in replacing their oven and microwave with one appliance.

On the other hand, a solo microwave would be an excellent option for people who want something they use to reheat their leftovers and cook a one-pot meal quickly. Y

ou can prepare one item at a time using a solo microwave, but don’t expect it to be crisp on the exterior.

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The way solo microwave heats up does not allow the food to be crispy on the outside. However, the food will be cooked on the inside.

Why Should You Decide Between Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave?

It’s imperative to know the difference between a solo microwave and a convection microwave; that way, you can assess your needs and pick a cheap microwave that is within your budget and fits your needs.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on something you don’t require, so you should find out the difference between a solo microwave and a convection microwave and see which one is a better option.

We will discuss the key differences between a solo microwave and a convection microwave in-depth. We elaborate on who shall benefit from a solo microwave and or a convection microwave.

That way, you can make a more educated decision on which microwave you should purchase based on your needs.

What is A Solo Microwave?

A solo microwave is something that only allows you to heat your food, or defrost. You can cook meals with a solo microwave, but they won’t be as tender when compared to a convection microwave.

Even though a solo microwave has fewer features than a convection microwave, it’s still more popular than a convection microwave, because of its simplicity.

Solo microwaves require no learning curve to use and can be operated by young children safely.

How to Use A Solo Microwave?

Operating a solo microwave is easy; all you have to do is open the lid of the microwave and place your food inside. Close the lid, and pick a specific time you want your food to be heated.

For example, you can choose one minute to heat your food, and the microwave will heat your food for one minute.

If you feel like the food has not been heated properly, then you can place your food in for an additional minute. You can pick the time by using a number pad, or in some cases, timer knob.

How to Defrost Using A Solo Microwave?

Newer models of solo microwaves will have a defrost button, which you can use to defrost your leftover food or meat.

All you have to do is press the defrost button, and enter the weight you want to be defrosted. Based on the weight, the microwave picks a specific time and defrosts the food for you.

Type of Cooking in Solo Microwave

With a solo microwave, you can cook a one-pot meal or cook one food individually. Unfortunately, you won’t get a crispy layer outside of the food, as grill or ovens provide. With that being said, you can cook meals if needed with a solo microwave.

You can expect to do these types of cooking with solo microwave:

  1. Basic cooking
  2. Reheating
  3. Defrosting

Positives of Solo Microwave

Easy to use, and is very safe. Anyone in your household can use it for cooking and reheating food.

Negatives of Solo Microwave

Won’t give you a crisp exterior, as an oven or grill would.

Who will Benefit From Solo Microwave?

The people who will benefit from a solo microwave are usually homemakers. If you are a stay-at-home husband or wife, you need to keep reheating leftovers for your children.

A solo microwave is so easy to use: press a couple of buttons, and you have heated leftovers for your kids.

Also, your kids can use a solo microwave to heat their food when you are not around.

A solo microwave is ideal for individuals who already own an oven and do not need another appliance similar to an oven.

A solo microwave is also a great option if you work at an office that requires people to heat their lunch since it is so easy to use and provides no danger to anyone, you and your co-workers can use it without any worries.

Overall, a solo microwave is for individuals who need something quick to use and can use to heat their leftovers or do basic cooking.

Please note that a solo microwave will not give you the crisp exterior to your food that you will get from an oven or a grill, so if you are looking to make a quick meal, then a solo microwave is a good option.

However, don’t expect a solo microwave to make you a high-quality meal. Most people use a solo microwave to heat their leftovers or to defrost their meat and nothing else.

Solo microwave is something that homemakers use in a pinch, and we recommend you use a solo microwave for basic needs.

What is A Convection Microwave?

A convection microwave is a microwave that has a built-in oven inside the microwave. It is ideal for people who would like to replace their oven and microwave with a singular appliance.

A convection microwave allows you to cook your food with the use of heat and air. The hot air is distributed evenly, allowing for a great end result.

You can reheat your leftover, defrost your food or cook/bake whatever your heart desires.

A convection microwave is an excellent microwave for many people who live in small apartments or tiny spaces and would like a compact appliance that does it all.

How to Use A Convection Microwave?

A convection microwave is very similar to a solo microwave in terms of usage. If you would like to heat up your food, then all you have to do is enter your time, and it will heat your food.

However, if you would like to use the convection oven, then the first thing you need to do is press the “convection mode” button.

Once you have pressed the convection mode button, you can set your temperature based on what you are cooking.

Then once your oven is preheated, set the time, let your food cook. One great thing about the convection oven is that you can use all appliances you can use to heat your food, unlike a solo oven.

Don’t forget to use the heating racks when using the “convection mode” and always read the owner’s manual before operating a convection oven.

They are not as easy to use as the solo microwave and can have different modes based on the model.

Types of Cooking In A Convection Microwave

You can mainly cook anything you want when using a convection microwave, as it can be turned into an oven.

You can expect to do these types of cooking with convection microwave:

  1. Basic cooking
  2. Baking
  3. Toasting
  4. Reheating
  5. Defrosting
  6. Anything an oven can do

Positives of Convection Microwave

You have the features of a solo microwave, with the ability to use it as an oven. A very versatile appliance.

Negatives of Convection Microwave

There is a learning curve when it comes to using this microwave, make sure to read the instructions and owner’s manual. It may not be safe for young children.

Who will Benefit From Convection Microwave?

If you are someone who lives in a small apartment or a trailer, you can benefit from a convection microwave.

Convection microwave allows for you to bake and heat your leftovers. It is essentially an oven/microwave in one appliance.

If you want a microwave that is compact and reduces the amount of space in your kitchen, then a convection microwave is the answer.

People who travel in an RV can benefit significantly from a convection microwave. Not only is space limited in an RV, but you need to make sure that whichever appliance you have is worth the investment.

Homemakers can use a convection microwave, but it isn’t necessary. If you have an oven at your home, you can do just fine with a solo microwave.

However, if you are someone who likes to heat their food with hot air, then a convection microwave might be a good option.

Also, if you are someone who wants to cook using different methods, then a convection microwave might be a good option.

Overall, a convection microwave is something anyone can benefit from, but everyone doesn’t require it.

Please note that a convection microwave is far more complicated to use than a solo microwave.

If you’re looking for a microwave to heat your leftovers quickly, then a convection microwave might not be the answer for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more technically advanced microwave and can do a lot more than heating up your food, then a convection microwave might be a good option for you.


1. Which Type of Microwave is Best For Home Use?

Well, it depends on your usage. If you want a microwave for basic needs such as heating, defrosting, or cooking, then a solo oven is a good option. If you need an appliance that does it all, then you can purchase a convection microwave. But if you live in a house, then you have a stove with an oven, so a convection microwave might not be needed.

2. What Brand is Best For A Microwave?

The top brands for microwaves are Panasonic and whirlpool, but that doesn’t mean other brands are useless. There are many brands to pick from, make sure to read up on customer reviews before you make your purchase.

3. What is the Best Wattage For A Microwave?

Make sure to always go for a microwave with 700 and above wattage, as anything under will not heat up or cook your food evenly.

4. Can You Bake A Cake in A Solo Microwave?

You can! But it will not be evenly cooked. If you want better results, then we recommend you make smaller portion cakes in your solo oven. That way, the batter will be cooked more evenly.

5. Can I Use Aluminum in A Convection Microwave?

Yes, you can! But make sure to read your owner’s manual before you decide to use aluminum.

Final Verdict

Even though there is a difference between a solo and convection microwave, they do one thing very well, and that is to heat your food.

Make sure to assess your needs before you make a purchase, as you don’t want to buy something that you don’t require.

Some people might do just fine with a solo microwave, especially someone who already owns an oven.

On the other hand, some people might do well with a convection microwave, ideally for someone who lives in a small apartment and is cramped for space.

Whichever person you might be, make sure to do your research and purchase a microwave that will fit your needs adequately.

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